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warning in products with gamma oryzanol

In recent days we noticed a product that tries to copy our original formula, the fact in it is the ingredients, they are different to ours, being one of them GAMMA ORYZANOL.


Do you know what Gamma Oryzanol is and its side effects in foals and mares as well as in females?

Gamma Oryzanol is an anabolic and steroid precursor of rice flour origin.
Although it has an effect on muscle development it is used by athletes with side effects on the thyroid gland and in females it causes hormonal imbalance by high production of testosterone, causing early menopause and the appearance of male features.

In horses the side effects are greater

It causes hormonal imbalance due to the high level of testosterone. In mares, it causes infertility due to prolonged anestrus and non-ovulation, and in foals it causes destruction of the articular cartilage.
The thyroid gland starts to become unbalanced, making your horse a candidate for Laminitis.

It also affects dogs and cats, cows and other animals, as well as humans.

Do not risk your horse’s health by buying other products containing Gamma Oryzanol.

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