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client reviews

Image #1 from Robert Jones
Robert Jones

Gold collagen really works 😉

8 months ago
Savanah Gulden
Verified ownerVerified owner

This stuff is a serious game changer. I started my breakaway horse on this product about a month and a half ago and she has made a total and complete comeback. She is 18 and has never had hock injections. Up until this last year she has been great, but then she had an injury that made me turn her out to pasture for a couple of months. When I brought her back she was extremely stiff and I was worried she wasn’t going to be ready in time for my finals. I started her on equijoint and not only was she ready in time for finals, but she worked better and stopped harder than she has in YEARS! She feels incredible now and I believe this product had a lot to do with it!

9 months ago
Image #1 from Mai Ailyng Dunlow
Mai Ailyng Dunlow

I am very happy with ekijoint gold products because mi 9 years old lab started with hip problems, he stopped playing and jumping, after 3 weeks he went back to be the same playful young doggie as ever.

12 months ago